The Medieval Wheeled Cannon


Difficulty: 3/5  Pieces: 158

About The Medieval Wheeled Cannon 

Our Medieval Wheeled Cannon combines the elastic force of the rubber band with the precision of its mechanical components to simulate a real-action release with safer bullets (5 table tennis balls included in the package).

Its easy-to-assemble structure and the fact that glue is not needed make it a perfect choice for your leisure time. 

Why choose our Medieval Cannon?

Because our puzzles are more than a simple game:

  • Perfect gift idea.
  • Improve your problem-solving skills.
  • Never get bored again thanks to this smart hobby.
  • Step by step you will have a satisfying, exciting, and joyful building experience.

And there's more...

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Full instructions:

You'll find a clearsimple, and precise instruction manual already in the box. Follow these instructions to build your model quickly and correctly!

Precise Cutting & Smooth Edges:

High-tech laser cutting minimizes the cutting burr, smooths the edges and ensures the accuracy of the pieces, making it easier to assemble the puzzle.

Made of naturallightweight, and non-toxic material.

Multi-layered wood sheets are durable during and after building.



Weight 0.7 kg
Recommended Age


Assembly Time

3-5 hours

Assembled size


Package size*





Epic wars

 *The Package includes 5 table tennis balls (Diameter: 40mm).

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Lupe MacGyver
Cannon works! Excellent purchase!

Got this for a Father's Day gift since my dad likes making models, etc. He got a kick out of it! And yes, the cannon works! He's been using it to shoot the pingpong balls around the house for the cats to chase. Excellent decision, happy memories!

Daniel Drunner
Good little hands on puzzle/crafting gift

It took me 2 hours to fully assemble this cannon, certain parts of the assembly were very fiddly and I had a couple of the smaller pieces break as I was putting them in, but luckily there were spares provided for these pieces.
It would make an ideal gift for older children who enjoy crafting and making things, and a good alternative to jigsaw puzzles for those who enjoy hands on puzzles and the like.
I think the price is fair and it’s a nice little gift that can help kill a few hours, I doubt it could be done any faster than the time I took to put it together.
The instructions are really good, giving step by step instructions for assembly that are easy to follow, the hardest bit is right at the end when the elastic bands need to be put in for the firing mechanism to work.

Mona Jenkins
More than something that just sits on the shelf, my cats love chasing the balls.

I gave it a 4, it not so much as easy as it was a bit challenging. At times I thought I needed 3 hands. It was most definitely fun to build.

Susan Hampson
Comprehensive kit

This 3D wooden jigsaw puzzle is brilliant, it has everything you need in the box to build it, along with an instruction booklet. The puzzle has 158 pieces plus a few spares in case of breakage and once built is 12.6" x 5" x 8" and it says will take around 2 to 3 hours to build, although we've found that it's taking longer

I had a read through the instructions and it's much too fiddly and time consuming for me, so my son has taken over building it, as he's fitting it in around work, it's taking longer than expected,

For anyone who loves jigsaw puzzles this is a must buy, it's fun to do and can even be played with (carefully) afterwards

Marcus Foster
Kept me busy

I love kits like this, and this one was great to build. It took me quite a few hours to build, and I spaced it out over a few days. In some places it is so fiddly and I got frustrated but sorted it out in the end. I didn’t need to use any glue it all slowed together fine. The tiny screws went in good too. I was a bit worried as some of my little wooden pegs splintered off or sliced in half due to the wood, but there were spares of the pegs at the end anyway.
The instruction manual was easy to follow and everything is clearly labelled. Great fun to make, and even more great fun firing it with the ping pong balls included.