The Revolver


Difficulty: 2/5  Pieces: 102

There is a new enemy in town, build your Revolver and shield yourself from boredom!

Shoot up to six bullets at a time - try to hit the targets, can you knock them all down?

About The Revolver

The Revolver is designed in a revolver shape, with real-action release and safer bullets.

Its easy-to-assemble structure makes it a perfect choice for your leisure time.

Why choose our Revolver?

  • Perfect gift idea.
  • Improve your problem-solving skills.
  • Never get bored again thanks to this smart hobby.
  • Step by step you will have a satisfying, exciting, and joyful building experience.

And there's more... 

  • Real-action hammer and trigger of a revolver.
  • A detachable magazine for bullets storage.
  • 100 rubber bands as bullets.
  • 6 shots a round.
  • No need for glue.

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Full instructions:

You'll find a clearsimple, and precise instruction manual already in the box. Follow these instructions to build your model quickly and correctly!

Precise Cutting & Smooth Edges:

High-tech laser cutting minimizes the cutting burr, smooths the edges and ensures the accuracy of the pieces, making it easier to assemble the puzzle.

Made of naturallightweight, and non-toxic material.

Multi-layered wood sheets are durable during and after building.

*Please note that in some countries, the wax might not be included in the box due to the safety restrictions of the courier services we collaborate with. In any case, any type of wax can be used, including simply the wax from a candle you may have at home.


Weight 0.33 kg
Wood pieces



Single Action

Assembled size


Package size




Effective range

5 m

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Sam F.
Such a great 2 in 1 puzzle and toy

Bought this for my 21 year old son in law. 
He loved it. First it's a great puzzle, then once finished, it's a great toy. It shoots elastic bands, which actually come with it. Also a few little soldiers to shoot too. 
My son in law, had much more fun shooting at my daughter instead. They had lots of fun. 
I would highly recommend this product!

The best gift!

Bought this as a birthday present for my husband and he loves it. Now our cats get to endure a rubber band gun 😂 (no cats were hurt and all bands are picked up immediately so no cats eat them)

Carolyne Leannon
Can't go wrong

I did this with my 7 year old and we loved it. I needed to do much of the assembly because pushing the pieces together needs slightly stronger hands than his. But he really enjoyed breaking out all the pieces and seeing how the springs go in. You get plenty of spares of the small - easily lost pieces. No glue involved and no tools. So you can't go wrong and you end up with something that works just as it should and looks great. We had fun making it and using it.

Jessica Surit
Great father son project

I bought this kit for my husband and son to put together. It was easy to put together and has given them many hours of entertainment.

Micah Ross
Beyond fun

I’ve just been diagnosed with anxiety out of no where and I was looking for something to keep my mind busy and this, this is fun. It’s really simple but at the same time it makes your mind work. It’s fun, easy and it’s all worth it in the end.