The Magic Cello


Difficulty: 4/5  Pieces: 199

Looking for a cool gift or a relaxing break? Our 3D Wooden Puzzles are here for you.

Piece after piece, give life to The Magic Cello, a magical violoncello that actually plays one of Chopin's most famous songs.

About The Magic Cello

The Magic Cello is one of our best-selling Mechanical Music Boxes, suitable for the expert 3D puzzle lovers.

Fall in love with its refined and mysterious details: can you spot the magic books, the little witches and cats and all the little flowers that embellish it?

Why choose our Magic Cello?

  • Unique gift idea - we bet your loved ones wouldn't expect it!
  • Relaxing and rewarding hobby.
  • Improve your problem-solving skills.
  • Lovely home decor.

And there's more...

  • Self-playing Mechanism - wind up the clockwork and enjoy the music.
  • The Magic Cello plays "Nocturne, Op.9, No.2 in E-flat" by Chopin.
  • Magical retro aesthetic.
  • No batteries needed.
  • No need for glue.

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    Full instructions:

    You'll find a clearsimple, and precise instruction manual already in the box. Follow these instructions to build your model quickly and correctly!

    Precise Cutting & Smooth Edges:

    High-tech laser cutting minimizes the cutting burr, smooths the edges and ensures the accuracy of the pieces, making it easier to assemble the puzzle.

    Made of naturallightweight, and non-toxic material.

    Multi-layered wood sheets are durable during and after building.



    Weight 0.83 kg
    Average assembly time

    4.5 hours



    Assembled size


    Package size





    Nocturne, Op.9, No.2 in E-flat

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Anna C.

    I fell in love with the music boxes, they’re so pretty!! I really recommend the Magic Cello. I've tried them all, but this one is without a doubt my absolute favorite. It looks soooo good in my living room and when I have friends over they’re always interested in my puzzles, but the Magic Cello really stands out.

    Anya Mitchell
    I wish I got the bundle

    I had so much fun with the Magic Cello, it’s beautiful and I spent a few nice hours with it. I’m really impressed with how smoothly the music mechanism works.
    However, I do regret not getting the bundle with the Magic Piano. A few days after receiving the Magic Cello, I reached out to customer service to inquire about a discounted price for the Magic Piano, considering I had already purchased the Magic Cello. Unfortunately, they informed me that the offer is only available when you buy them together. My bad, but I really wish I had opted for both!

    Caleb Rossi
    Very nice but a bit difficult

    I purchased the Magic Cello for my 11-year-old daughter who plays the violin after coming across it on Facebook. The product itself is of very nice quality and looks great, but I did find it a bit challenging to assemble. My daughter had some difficulty with the pieces that bend, and I had to assist her quite a bit.
    If you're considering it for your kids, I would recommend it more for children aged 15 and above. Next time, I'll opt for an easier-to-assemble model for her. There are a few options with a 2/5 or 3/5 difficulty rating that might be a better fit.

    Gerard Stroman
    Gift for my brother

    I gave it to my little brother and he did it in one evening. He loved it. The mechanism works well and it helps you improve significantly.

    Sheila Fortier
    So pretty

    I had so much fun putting this together. It was just at the end that I had difficulty. I couldn't get the wheels to align well enough for the music box to play. Then when I tried to fix it I accidentally broke the stand. That's on me. I love the look of this but gave up on the music box.